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UPDATES! Read all about it in the Discord! || Website has a fancy new look? Have an issue, ask in #support over at the Discord!


The server has expanded into a network.  We now offer not only LOTR Minecraft but other games as well.  As such we have created a new website and Discord.  We have moved our operations to said new locations.  This website and the old Discord will remain for archival purposes only.  Staff WILL NOT acknowledge any requests that come from this site anymore.


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The server is now 4 years old.  Look at our baby grow, isn't it cute?  The past few years we have made a custom outfit for the occasion.  This year we will be holding a contest instead.  Whoever can make the best outfit (Using Armor's Workshop) will have said outfit added to the server.  The contest will run until December 1st.  Good luck to you all.


  You will also have another chance to get a dragon egg.  Remember that there is no limit to how many eggs you can get.  However you can only have one dragon at a time (Not counting animal bikes).  The baby will be hostel so you will want to use a lead to keep it safe until it grows up.  Once it is grow and you feed it lots of fish you will need a bone to make it sit when you are not riding it.  Otherwise it will walk through the wall and vanish forever.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, slaves and Dwarves- Lordship has become far more complicated than we ever intended. Through a combination of real life kicking us in the shin when it comes to time, not having the drive, general lack of ability to do this, or ignoration of proper protocol, the machine that is the lordship is broken, and you want a fix. Sadly fixing this system isn't as easy as we wished it was. Learning everything to do it properly takes time. Hell after running through things with presence and playing around with the system for a while I barely know how to do it. But besides all that mumbo jumbo lets cut to whats happening.
- Presence has kindly started making time to thoroughly educate Burg on the process of setting up NPC's and the Lordships
- Our logs are being updated and properly formatted and a standard for those who work in that aspect of lordships (approving and reviewing so the Froost boyo and the MrMine) so everything is kept clear is being properly explained
-Getting thing done faster is not a matter of simply throwing more bodies at the problem. The more hands in the pot the greater the risk of breaking the system, so we wont be training anyone else for now.
That is still huge

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I have started streaming and gotten to the level of "Affiliate"!!  Any and all Bits/Subs/donations made to my Twitch account go directly into the server funds.  I personally do not get any of said money.  If you want to support the server but are poor like me you can do so by watching my streams and getting me viewership.  This would hopefully get more outside people to watch me and maybe give Bits/Subs/Donations.  I don’t actually like streaming all that much.  However I’m doing it for all of you.  To keep the server funded so that “The Second Server That Won’t Rule Anything” can live on.

Please be a team player and help me keep our community alive.

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Hello all,

      Starting today PvP will be allowed in Lordships provided that certain guidelines are met.  The lord of said lordship must be present.  The lord sets the rules of engagement.  If the lord says the fight is over, then it's over, you need to stop.  The lords might not all be participating so ask them who is.  This has been a long awaited release.  I'm sorry for not rolling it out sooner.  Have fun and happy hunting.

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I am making this post to put some things to bed. There are some toxic players who have been making negative comments about the HR (Humanoid Resources) department. It is my job to address complaints any players have about staff members. If you feel like you are being picked on by staff; a rule is unclear or unfair; a staff member is getting power hungry; or any other similar issues I WANT TO KNOW! It is literally my only job. I won't even be actively moderating chat anymore (Unless I happen to see something that needs me to step in). Contacting HR is anonymous. The staff member you are reporting will not know who you are. We have it set up so that reporting to HR is threw an email, this is for better record keeping and to insure that you are serious about the issue. If any further clarification is needed please contact me.

The method of contact is to send an email to
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Server Emoji Contest



“The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything” is proud to announce our first emoji creating contest. It starts now and goes until the new year. (11/28/2018-1/1/2019). Their are three categories to enter.


  1. Most original


  2. Funniest


  3. Lore Friendly (lotr themed)


We will pick 3 winning emojis for each category (9 in total). Each player can only make three submissions and will lose points if they are not in the correct format. The image needs to be a .png file and under 120kb. E-mail your entries to Merky at, Good luck to you all!


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One of our lords has lost his lordship title due to unlordy like behavior as well as having broken some rules. I am disappointed. Lords should be an example of good player behavior, not going around breaking rules and being disrespectful to other players.
On another note their has been way too much sass on the server towards staff enforcing the rules and players wranking on each other. We are trying to promote a open and friendly server environment. If you don't like the rules then don't play on this server. If your going to be a dick to people in chat then don't be surprised when you are reprimanded.

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WOah, you finally updated the site! I can finally see where stuff is now. Yes, yes we did. (I did..) Adding back some old features, making other stuff look better, its a WIP. BG is temporary, new badges are WIP. Medals/Achievement pieces are being redone. Profile are getting an upcoming overhaul. Discord username is now required when signing up on the site. **Be sure to update your profile!** Server Status viewer is coming soon. (Going to use a 3rd Party tool) So yeah, there is more but I've bleh. Going to sleep.

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Our favorite Murloc will be the subject of a new monthly event.  At the start of each month (after Milk's reset) Merky will be hidden somewhere in the world.  He could literally be anywhere.  If he is found before the end of the month you will get a reward.  If he is not then his location will change at the top of the next month.

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The Second Server That Wont Rule Anything proudly presents the “Valley of Kings.” This is a PvP map created by the illustrious “Broken Buttons” build team. To play you will need to be in normal minecraft [1.12.2]. No Mods required.

The Red Team consists of a camp of archaeologist who have disturbed an ancient temple

The Blue Team are the denizens of said temple defending them selves against the intruders.


Here is a video giving a brief look at how to set up and play the game.


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Treasure Hunt Event:


"I have lost my friend Merky, he had been walking around the shire and the next moment took off after what had seemed to be a hunter. Along with him is a prized pouch of shiny novelties. Now this is where you come in, I want you to find him! You can keep the pouch, but please bring back Merky - I need my little water chestnut!"

- AngliNex


For this Treasure Hunt, the first player to find Merky will get to keep the items contained in the "prized pouch of shiny novelties." Once Merky is found, the event will be over. If you find Merky, let us know in the #support channel in the Discord.

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We are adding several additions to the boons giving to “Lords.” Every lordship is getting a mailbox, a custom NPC trader, and knights. Each lord will be allowed to promoter 2 players to the rank of knight. A knight will be given the title of “Knight” before their names in chat. As well as acess to their lord's custom NPC. The NPC will have some useful trades that only the lord and his/her knights will be able to use.




Requirement of knighthood:


-Must live in the lord's town


-Must be a reasonably active player


-Must be loyal to their lord


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Cosmetic and Vanity items have been released!  Donate on this website to get ingame vouchers.  The vouchers can then be used to buy ingame cosmetic and/or vanity items.

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Tomorrow November 21st, 2017 is the second birthday of The Second Server That Won't Rule Anything. In honor of this we are having a party! The event will start at 12am EST and end at 12pm EST. Spawn (A.K.A. Tol Fuin) has been decorated for the occasion. The list of events and/or gifts for you all are as follows. “Lord of the ladder,” bouncy castle, /kit bday, a three part raffle, 6pm EST we will be cutting the cake and setting off fireworks. Please join us in celebrating the continued and flourishing existence of this server.

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ATTENTION all… The server’s Birthday is coming up.  November 21st we will be hosting an event to celebrate.  Cake, prizes and a raffle.  The winner of the raffle will be getting a one of a kind Legendary item.  Please do your best to be there to attend.

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Hello everyone, Melon here. I wanted to make an announcement. I've spoken with our staff and have come to the decision to search for additional builders in order to flesh out the server some more. Everyone will be eligible to take the following application: "Your task is to construct a medieval-style house on the plot server ( Use any blocks you like. This is a test of whether you can build at a decent level. You may build additional structures on your plot if you like. Take no more than a few days to piece it all together. When you feel as though it has been completed please contact me in discord." So yeah, do your best. I'm offering help or mini lessons on certain elements. So if you want to improve something let me know. Good luck guys, get started soon!

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4th of July Server Event is now ongoing.

During this time Genfreed at Spawn above the bank has his shop stocked and is open to the public. Be sure to grab some of those items that you can not get ahold of otherwise. There will be quizzes going on as well as mini-events that will earn you piles of both Silver Coins/Food/Drinks/and Event Coins.

There is a Kit

/kit July4th
to help you prepare for your own festivities.

Event Start: July 3rd 18:30

Event End: July 6th 18:30


  • Quizzes/Questions +1 Voucher
  • PvP Battle Arena +5 Vouchers
  • Mob Battles +3 Vouchers
  • Racing +2 Vouchers
  • HideN'Seek +4 Vouchers

The two users with the most amount of Vouchers will be awarded an Epic item.

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Due to the addition of Fellowships, we have turned on friendly-fire for the good and evil players.  We originally had it turned off so that players on the same side could fight together with out killing each other by mistake.  Now that fellowships have their own friendly-fire settings we do not feel that it is necessary for use to keep it on server wide.


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The Rules reguarding PVP on the LOTR server have changed.  A full list of rules can be found on our wiki page OR by doing /kit rules while in game.

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There will be an Easter event starting tomorrow around the Shire.  The Easter egg hunt will consist of colorfull eggs hiddent threw out the Shire lands.  Each egg will have loot inside.  Happy hunting and Happy Easter to you all.

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In honor of Valentine's day (and a day late sorry) I have made a kit in the LOTR server that will be up for the next 72 hours.  Do /kit v-day to recieve your prize.  Happy day late Valentine's day to all.

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For those of you whom use the Modpack provided for the Lord of the Rings Server, we are looking for some information.

  • Any issues running the pack. Ex: Not starting, texture glitches, very laggy, etc.
  • How much RAM have you given the pack, and found it most stable.
  • Issues with the Technic Launcher in general.

For those who do NOT use the Modpack provided for the Lord of the Rings Sever, we are looking for other information.

  • What kinds of Mods are you running alongside the base mod, and Aroma Core?
  • Are those mods client side, and add information to help the user? Ex: HorseStats, NEI, Optifine, etc.
  • What other Minimap Mods do you use other than Journey Map, or VoxelMap?
  • Have any suggestions for JVM Arguments to help low end users run the mod?

Lastly, we have heard suggestions of mods or others that should be added, either client side or for the server. Those take time to be looked into/tested with everything else, so that it doesn't destroy our current hardwork/efforts.

I'm guessing you still want to see us look into these ideas? Well, we want information from you about them.

  • What is the Mod? (Provide a Link)
  • What does it do?
  • How does it add to the lore/could it provide into the LOTR Story? OR is it helpful?
  • Is it known to have any bugs/glitches/errors that you know of?
  • Is it an addition, overhaul, or client only?

Addition: Adds items, doesn't affect vanilla at all.

Overhaul: Adds world gen, disables/removes interaction to other items.

Client Only: Can only be seen if installed, does not have to be installed on server to use.

Thank You for reading, and happy gaming!

Please Send All Information to: OR Private Message me here on the website.

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On January 10th, 2017 this website became active. Welcome one and all to the future of Nex and friend's gaming.

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Hello friends, DEMMERS here, your friendly orphan tear drinking bad guy. Working on your lovely Capital Town of Harad. Letting all you baddies out there know we are making progress and looking to expand our empire into some trade with others.

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Latest News

I feel that banning a user from our server need not be public knowledge. However in this case I want to make everything clear - Zyphlos has been banned for being an overall toxic player. He has continued to spread false statements about staff, and creating fabrications. This to me is completely unacceptable, all of the staff are effectively volunteers and do not have to put up with these sorts of farces. The staff team deserves the utmost respect for putting in their time to manage the server. Now, if any of you feel you were unreasonably treated or that a staff member is abusing his/her power then use our HR system. Undermining the systems in place and causing havoc is childish, be an adult. Thank you.

I sincerely hope that this will never again need to be done,


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