Thursday, June 20, 2019

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Posted on Mon Jan 7, 2019 2:17 pm

The city of Khagal Dehar is a growing area in the Blue Mountians, and is ready to be inspected for lordship. We are a group over 5 active members, 4 inactive members and 1 other city "Salun Bekhas" in the making. 


Here are the cordinates for requirements:


Player Houses1: X: -23431 Z: -10693    Desert_Fox2 My first Knight and Heir to Khagal Dehar

Player Houses2: X:  -23505  Z: -10695 Pircs My second Knight


Travelers Wagon: X: -23468  Z: -10795 


MarketPlace: X: -23450  Z: -10747


Smeltry: X: -23469 Z: -10760


Pasture: X: -23495 Z: -10766


Training Camp: X: -23512 Z: -10771


Capital Building: X: -23516 Z: -10722


Market Shop X: -23459  Z:-10776


Scholar's House X: -23468  Z: -10700


Warehouse  X: -23472  X: -10787


Vegetable Patch  X: -23449  Z: -10762


Bath House  X: -23454  Z:  -10727


Inn  X: -23475  Z:  -10744


The Smeltery has been upgraded to a Smithy. The Pasture with a Stables. The Training Camp into a Barracks.

There is a vault and mine under the Capital Building.

These buildings are being built: 3 more Player Homes, Inn, and the large lower area of Desert_Fox2 house will be a Hunters Lodge. Also I will be making a larger visable mine for industry. 

We of Khagal Dehar are active and want to be open to other players so our style is mixed as you will see any of the good races and regions are welcome as the purposed Lord is a trader and traveled far and wide in middle earth.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

NonekiDraxyn, Leader of Khagal Dehar

p.s.  Khagal Dehar is Tolkien dwavish for Blue Anvil and Salun Bekhas is Falls of the Hammer


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Posted on Tue Jan 29, 2019 4:37 pm

First Impression: A lot of the build is very conflicting. You have a bit of Elven, some Cobble [Which is usually a terrible choice], and it feels cluttered.
Most of the build is very square. Some of the roofs need work and other parts seem thrown together. Especially some roofs need real work to become quality.

 2 Player Houses; Approved

 Marketplace; Approved

 Smeltery; 1Approved

 Pasture; Approved

Captial Building; Needs serious work. The roof itself is the main point. Its just stairs and theres no form to it. Look online for examples of curved roofs or add something to bring some texture into it.

 Training Camp; Looks excellent

 Active Player; Approved

 Trade Wagon; Approved

Work on building some better roofs, and I would recommend removing the trees as they clash very much with the dwarf style build. I would go with Pine or Spruce as trees nearby as they fit neatly with the area and buildings. I would also stick to a single build pallette for the base to make everything fit in. Lastly remove as much cobble as possible. Its a clashy building block and I am sure you can find other cobble that would fit in. Even replacing with Stained clay would make the builds look good.