Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Posted on Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:13 pm

I believe I have all the required buildings.

The coordinates are X: 92419 Z:105343

IGN is KingKriptor9

The base is fairly simple so it should be easy to locate the buildings.

Web Developer
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Posted on Sun Mar 3, 2019 7:59 am

First Impression: The designs are very simple. That works but also doesn't work at the same time. The roofs are plain and I would like to see something more. Most buildings are copies of the ones around them, I would like to see some variety there. Interiors are lacking when you can add lush carpets and banners about.
Add in some other features. An oasis would look amazing in the middle of the desert. Some wood and trees around the area to give it color. 

2 Player Houses; You have 4 of these buildings. I would ask you place a banner in each one so they can be claimed by you and the knight only. For their own security

Marketplace; Suffers from the Blandness. I would say a different material for the stalls themselves. Wool always works for marketstalls. As well as some greenery to bring in more color. The floor can also be a different material rather than the sandstone blocks that the whole of the build is made from.

Smeltery; I do not see a smeltery

Pasture; Needs to be much larger. This may tie into the Oasis I suggested above.

Training Camp; Already good enough to be a Barracks

Capital Building; This one is odd. Theres nothing inside of it. Its just a few walls. Condsider making this feel like a Fortress, Palace, or something lived in.

Active Player; You are active

Trade Wagon; No wagon