Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Posted on Mon Mar 4, 2019 12:56 pm

Hello, my city is located in Angmar. Here is the list of buildings with coordinates: Smile 
                         x                       z                      y
Capitol          +45851             -20228                 147

Smeltery       +45817             -20222                 130

House 1        +45844             -20230                 130

House 2        +45850             -20242                 130

Training Area +45826             -20268                 125

Marketplace   +45819            -20251                  119

Pasture          +45756            -20241                  115

Wagon           +45710            -20238                  107

IG name: Khamuul

 Knights: Ionmil

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Posted on Wed Apr 3, 2019 10:35 am

Capital Building: Accepted. Seems like a great fort to hide out in.

Smeltery: Accepted. While it could be a bit bigger, I really like the idea of two floors, and it looks great from both the inside and outside. 

House 1: Accepted.

House 2: Accepted.

Training Camp: Accepted. A bit small, but the good quality makes up for that. I'd recommend you expand it into the mountain when upgrading to a barracks. 

Marketplace: Accepted. Make sure you have a trade in the tradebooths, as only a builder I can't check that. I'd recommend you make it a bit less cramped though. The booths sit together, which is an original idea that I really like, but the current design is a bit cramped.

Pasture: Accepted. I'd like it bigger but after some consideration we've accepted it.

Wagon: Accepted.

Active Player on Discord: Accepted. I've seen some activity, but more wouldn't hurt. 

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