Monday, March 30, 2020

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Posted on Fri Jan 31, 2020 8:25 am

I want to apply for lordship

My Username is TobiasVjh

Lordship Locations:

Main Building: 110600 80 -15528

Player House 1: 110648,46743 71 -15523,42910

Player House 2: 110631,46114 60 -15523,54011

Smeltery: 110588,26334 80 -15530,61971

Pasture: 110639,99503 68 -15563,41173

Training Grounds: 110628,28830 67 -15479,24592

Marketplace: 110622,93817 79 -15573,71921



Web Developer
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Posted on Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:00 pm

I think the biggest weakness is the Walls having a checkerboard pattern. Checkerboards never look good.

Inside the fort; its great. However the floors and ceiling are very lackluster as they are flat. I'd add in archways and some dimensions to them. A bit of design on the floor to break up the sheet of wood.

2 Player Houses; Approved

Traveler's Wagon; Cannot find


Smeltery; Accepted

Pasture; You have land nearby; this should be above ground or the underground should be larger.

Training Camp; Accepted

Capital Building; Accepted


Active Player; Accepted

Just fix the Pasture, Wagon, and the Checkerboarding across the walls. You should be fine. 

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Posted on Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:29 pm

i fixed everything

the wagon is at 110686 70 -15512

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Posted 7 hours ago

General feedback: Some of the towers have floating roofs that shouldn't be hard to fix though.


Traveler's Wagon; The roof is very lackluster, maybe use a different material for it and make it less flat to help highlight it as a separate part of the wagon. The shape also needs to be smoothed out a bit, the parts on the sides stick out and appear very weird, changing the roof to overhang it should help.


Pasture; The underground area is still quite small. Just follow what Presence originally said.


You seem to be going in the right direction, so with a few tweaks and improvements you should be fine. You can message me on discord and I can come help with stuff if you need it such as feedback during the building itself.


I'm new to this so if theres any problems with this review I can have someone else check it. I should also note this was done in collaboration with Thesquidychicken.


Overall I think the place is very nice, but there are some flaws which unfortunately mean it cannot be accepted in the state I saw it in.