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Posted on Thu Apr 5, 2018 6:45 pm

From now on, there will be monthly world resets on the 1st day of each month. We switched to a new server at the beginning of April, 2018 which came with a SSD rather than an HDD which means the storage is faster but there is a lot less of it and we need to keep the world size small.


I expect these resets to take about 2 hours. There are several things you can do to help reduce this time:


1. Specify an appropriate radius. If your build is contained in a radius of 100 blocks but you leave the default of 512, that is a huge area that is getting saved when it doesn't need to be. A few players doing this isn't too bad, but if everyone saves more than the need, it adds up and takes longer.


2. Limit the amount of areas you need saved. If you have something that doesn't need saved, let me know. I can provide a list of all areas you have marked to be saved if you would like to check them and see if you still need them saved.


To reduce the time it takes to do a world reset, players who have not been on the server in the last 8 weeks will not have their areas saved. See below for how to have these areas restored if you return to the server.


Restoring areas


If your base is deleted for whatever reason, there is a backup that we can restore it from. Just submit the coordinates to MilkMC (see below) and include the date (month and year should be sufficient) of when you last saw it so I know what backup to restore it from.


How can I mark my builds to be saved?


Any builds that were saved in previous resets will still be saved.


All you have to do is provide the x and z coordinates of your builds, and possibly a radius as well. Do NOT give me your y-coordinate! If the radius is unspecified it will be defaulted to 512. If you wish to have a radius greater than 1024, please provide an explanation of why you need such a large area. The radius is in a square shape, not a circle.


Important things to note: If you have hired units stored elsewhere, you will need to submit those coordinates as well or move your hired units to an area that has been marked. Meneltarma and Utumno will both be deleted in their entirety, NO EXCEPTIONS! Everything in a radius of 2000 of the ring portal will be saved.


Submitting Coordinates


Once you have your coordinates, you can submit them to MilkMC in several ways (in order of most preferred).


1. Fill out this form. http://anglinex.net/customform.php?pID=2


2. Discord message


3. My message wall on the LOTR wiki.

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