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Posted on Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:35 pm

Announcement 4/15/18

-Lordship Micro-Overhaul

As the Lordship Overhaul is underway I wanted to start introducing what it will entitle. Lordship is becoming easier to obtain, greater benefits, and overall bigger scope. We are hoping these changes will increase community and better builds

  • New Requirements
  • New Titles
  • New Benefits
  • Knights generate 100 Silver every 30ish minutes!

First off; Titles. Lordships previously used to display their town name with either green or red brackets.

Instead now; players will be given their title. Titles will be [Knight] [Count] [Baron] or [Duke]. Currently >>Only<< [Knight] and [Count] will be implemented.

Lordship; You must meet the new Requirements below. Note that these requirements are more about Quality, than Quantity. The requirements are not written in stone and can shape with the aesthetics of the place. IE: Orcs probably dont have much "pastures" so think of how to contain wargs and spiders.

  1. 2 Player Houses; 17x17 plot of land consisting of a home or a vacant plot that a player may live in. Usually designated to your Knights.
  2. Marketplace; Several small stalls containing either Traders and Trade Booths, or just Trade Booths. This is for players to sell and buy from, including ones in your lordship. You too should sell something here for players.
  3. Smeltery; A small area designated for smelting ores and making tools and simple stuff.
  4. Pasture; To replace Stables; the pasture just needs to hold mounts and animals
  5. Training Camp; To replace Barracks; this should be a small post for Militia to train at, some weapons and gear and places to rest up.
  6. Capital Building; This is your main structure, a fortress, town hall, castle, etc. Should have the feel of it and be rather massive.
  7. Active Player; You must be active on Discord and the Server; absence over 3 months will result in rank and title being stripped.

Rewards: Upon becoming a lord you will recieve the following:

  • [Title] in chat; this being [Count]
  • Ability to hire 2 [Knights]
  • Generate 500 silver every 30ish or so minutes
  • Custom NPC: Knight Captain
  • Custom NPC: Courier and Mailbox
  • Custom NPC: Traveler and Traveler Wagon

Advancement: We spoke about Barons and Dukes; theyre still under construction. 

For a count to advance to a Baron; they will not only need to build more in their area; but also help 2 others become Counts. These counts will then need to vow to your service. By sending a message on Discord to Presence10. Both of these requirements when filled will allow a player to become a Baron.

EDIT: These counts will also have to be within the same region or area near the builder.

Details will be posted when this is fully fleshed out.


Other: Keep in mind; there will be ways to Upgrade your buildings to give benefits. Make room for expansion, there will be several dozen buildings!

All Lords MUST be active; this means they must either give us a heads up on their absence! Otherwise you will be stripped of title



All Lordships before this announcement date will have their builds grandfathered in. This means you wont lose anything for having less of a build.

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