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Posted on Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:48 am

Here is room for suggestions and discussions over what could be addet to the lords-system in regards of builds and benefits with it.


stage: a small stage, possibly open air for bards and other artists

size: > 17x17

required: tavern with bard

reward: be able to hire a second bard, both with more songs available

upgrades: music chamber, concert hall


music chamber  [2 per lord]:

a bigger, possibly still open stage/ room for music and arts containing: stage, dressing rooms, chairs (actual chairs or in form of stairs), pay desk

size: 33x33

required: tavern with bard

reward: more bards/ more songs + increased money gained over x-time due to cultural incomes for the lord

upgrade: concert hall


concert hall [1 per lord]:

closed or partly closed concert hall for big concerts and exhibitions containing: stage, dressing rooms, chairs (actual chairs or in form of stairs), pay desk, rooms for materials, if possible instruments, rooms for staff, (a gallerie)

size: << 33x33 (can be more stretched to one side or another so no exact numbers)

required: tavern with bard

rewards: more bards/ songs + more money gained per x-time due to cultural income

upgrade: none


idea for realisation: for the songs you could use the already existing music discs (since I think they are not possible to find on the server)

other possible reward: gain allignment over time


Below you could post own Ideas or discuss already posted ones

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Posted on Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:21 pm

I have a suggestion for 2 more buildings;
A Dairy Farm; Perquisite for a Cheesery, a field where dairy based animals are put (Cows, Aurochs) (Same Sizing as a Grain Field/Vege Patch).
A Cheesery; Produces a random cheese block every 30mins, can be buffed by making more dairy farms (Same sizing as a Bakery).
I feel adding these will better help with the implementation of the cheese mod that is in the pack
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Posted on Mon Oct 8, 2018 8:15 pm

Originally posted by Osmiumite:

I also have suggestions that could be promising:


Inn :

> Temporary sleeping (with a tavern perhaps?)

> Size: 17x17

> Required: 2-3 rooms with amenities (such as tables, chairs, paintings)

> Reward: Increased coin generation? (similar to Ban's idea)


Warehouse :

> Official "storage" for items not kept in personal chests/county-owned items.

> Size: 10x10

> Required: Accesible crates/chests, possible evidence of work (Logs lying about, ore blocks stacked)

> Reward: n/a



Just an FYI Osmiumite, those two are already included in the lordship building lists.