Sunday, June 16, 2019

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Posted on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:43 am

Hello! I told you I would be restarting from scratch. im now in an area where if i do not meet the reuiremnts i will be able to fixem!

ok so lets start with the cords. 

x, 38281 z,2435

youll spawn where the barracks and traning camp AND the market is located. 

there is also a farm and an armoury 

we have two dams. one north in the lake and one south. The northern dam is our capital.

the southern damn youll find the player houses. they are much bigger and look alot better!

near the fort in the middle of the lake youll see a small castle like structure. this is the forge. next to the forge youll see the pasture. 

you asked for bigger and you got it.

thank you for your time.  

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Posted on Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:54 pm

First Impression: No floating fortresses. Make sure that thing has walls going all the way to the bottom. 

This still has a feel of at least some planning; but still a rush job. Most buildings are built of the same exact material. Either all wooden planks, or all stone block. Try adding some Pillars, Beams, Support structures and variation of type of blocks.

  1. 2 Player Houses; Need their own Copper-Banner to keep their House as their own
  2. Marketplace; Cramped, and the Willow Vines do not help. This seems more like a tiny set of tents than a Market. Th
  3. SmelteryLooks like a small fortress; also is made up of just one type of block.
  4. PastureDoes not meet the 33x33 size.
  5. Training CampOn a floating platform
  6. Capital Building; Does not Meet size Requirement.
  7. Active Player; Requirement Met

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