Friday, September 21, 2018

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Posted on Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:32 pm

I am requesting lordship for the town of  Tmavý Rāj, located at x: +25890 z: -28145 in Angmar. For extra info, MSG me.


Posts: 104
Posted 11 hours ago

 First Impression: A lot of conflicting building types. You are in Angmar and you have styles of Mordor, stone brick wooden houses... The terms of style seem to drastically change and it feels and looks bad because of it. Keep to a single pallette when building. Using the same or similiar color and style of blocks instead. It will feel a lost more consistent then.

Few suggestions; wooden houses can have thatch but seems like itll be more like the Hillmen who live nearby. Consider building two different areas; one where Angmar Orcs live in and one where the Rhudel Hillmen live.

As for the massive nearby farms. I would like them a bit more sectioned off. Think of realistic farms of that era. It would also be good to plan our buildings; a lot of Square shapped buildings begin to look bad. Consider adding more detail to various structures like The Fencetype Walls; Fences; Pillars; Smoothed Brick, Carved Brick, Stairs and Slabs to emphazise details.

 2 Player Houses; Need plots of land at least 17x17 for players to build.

 Marketplace; Approved

 Smeltery; Theres a bit of clash with the smeltery; it has mordor brick but then also has this nature theme attachment. The style needs to be consistant 

 Pasture; Approved

 Training Camp; Approved

 Capital Building; Looks and is decorated splendidly

 Active Player; Active in Discord