Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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The server is now 4 years old.  Look at our baby grow, isn't it cute?  The past few years we have made a custom outfit for the occasion.  This year we will be holding a contest instead.  Whoever can make the best outfit (Using Armor's Workshop) will have said outfit added to the server.  The contest will run until December 1st.  Good luck to you all.


  You will also have another chance to get a dragon egg.  Remember that there is no limit to how many eggs you can get.  However you can only have one dragon at a time (Not counting animal bikes).  The baby will be hostel so you will want to use a lead to keep it safe until it grows up.  Once it is grow and you feed it lots of fish you will need a bone to make it sit when you are not riding it.  Otherwise it will walk through the wall and vanish forever.

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