Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, slaves and Dwarves- Lordship has become far more complicated than we ever intended. Through a combination of real life kicking us in the shin when it comes to time, not having the drive, general lack of ability to do this, or ignoration of proper protocol, the machine that is the lordship is broken, and you want a fix. Sadly fixing this system isn't as easy as we wished it was. Learning everything to do it properly takes time. Hell after running through things with presence and playing around with the system for a while I barely know how to do it. But besides all that mumbo jumbo lets cut to whats happening.
- Presence has kindly started making time to thoroughly educate Burg on the process of setting up NPC's and the Lordships
- Our logs are being updated and properly formatted and a standard for those who work in that aspect of lordships (approving and reviewing so the Froost boyo and the MrMine) so everything is kept clear is being properly explained
-Getting thing done faster is not a matter of simply throwing more bodies at the problem. The more hands in the pot the greater the risk of breaking the system, so we wont be training anyone else for now.
That is still huge

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