Thursday, May 13, 2021

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I am making this post to put some things to bed. There are some toxic players who have been making negative comments about the HR (Humanoid Resources) department. It is my job to address complaints any players have about staff members. If you feel like you are being picked on by staff; a rule is unclear or unfair; a staff member is getting power hungry; or any other similar issues I WANT TO KNOW! It is literally my only job. I won't even be actively moderating chat anymore (Unless I happen to see something that needs me to step in). Contacting HR is anonymous. The staff member you are reporting will not know who you are. We have it set up so that reporting to HR is threw an email, this is for better record keeping and to insure that you are serious about the issue. If any further clarification is needed please contact me.

The method of contact is to send an email to
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